Event Organisers

This page is intended for Organisers of Audax UK events who are registered and have a valid log-in to the organisers section of aukweb ( http://www.aukweb.net/organisers/ ).

Historically organisers have obtained distance medals and badges to sell at their events from the validation secretary. The wider range of brevet / randonneur / AAA badges/ RRtY items were sold to members through a variety of different officials/ delegates mainly by post. The development of the on-line shop provides the opportunity to bring the management and sale of all medals and badges under central control and eventually an integrated part of the new aukweb.

Event organisers:

Supply before an event

To obtain a supply of medals/ badges for sale at an event on a sale or return basis.

Place the medal and badges you want (distance / grimpeur) in your “Basket”.

Exit the “Medals and Badges” website with the items in your basket.

Now open the “Medals and Badges” page in the Organisers Section of aukweb (Open the page in AUKWEB) and click on the link to apply the discount to your basket.

This will reopen the medals and badges website. Open your “Basket” and the discount and free shipping will have been applied.

Medals  – discount 50p per medal for orders of 4 or more (i.e. 2x200km, 1x100km, 1x50km = 4 medals or 2x200km, 2x silver grimpeur = 4 medals etc.)

Badges  – discount 20p per badge for orders of 4 or more

Any unsold items should be returned to the shop (the address is on the delivery note or the contact page ). You will be credited with the value of the returned items via Paypal.

PLEASE do not return medals to the Validation Secretary

Supply after an event

Where riders order medals/ badges at the Arrivee these should be ordered as above. Orders through the validation return are no longer possible.

If you require any further information / clarification get in touch (Contact form or e-mail )


Allan Taylor